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1. How long does it take to receive order?
  Under normal circumstances, it takes 2-3 business days to deliver within US and takes 6-10 business days to deliver international package; however sometimes it might take little longer due to weather condition or any out of our ambit reasons.
2. Are these original DVDs?
  Yes, we sell only original DVDs. We do not sell pirated copies.
3. Can I rent DVDs?
  No, we do not rent DVDs.
4. Do you take international orders?
  Yes, we take international orders. We are capable to ship order in almost every country.
5. What if DVD is not available?
  We will order it for you and ship as soon as possible.
6. Does online DVD price included shipping cost?
  No, It does not include. We will call you to confirm the order and let you know the shipping cost, once you place the order.
7. What if DVD you shipped, does not work?
  We always ship only “Tested OK” DVDs; however you can contact us through “Contact Us” form on our website.
8. How much is the shipping?
  Shipping cost may vary by weight, size and destination of the order; however you can contact us through “Contact Us” form on our website, mention your probable order and we will let you know the cost.
9. What is your return policy?
  We do not have any return policy for online orders.
10. Is buying online safe?
  Yes, it is, buying DVDs and CDs on our website is completely safe. We use secure server to receive customer’s credit card information.
11. I have placed the order but now I want to cancel it, can I do that?
  You need to give us a call. Please call us at 713-782-6553.
12. Which carrier you use to ship the order?
  Usually we ship our order via USPS; however we may ship via UPS or Fedx.
13. Can I place order online and pick up from your store?
  Yes, You can.


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